Things To Keep In Mind When Traveling To Musandam In Oman

Musandam should be on your list of must-see destinations if you’re considering visiting Oman. This inland region, located on the top of the Arabian Peninsula, is unique in many ways, including its location. As the smallest region in the country, Musandam is geographically and physically separated from the rest of the country. Musandam has incredible diversity, and visitors are rewarded with beautiful views. Visit our office to get attractive packages for Musandam overnight tour from Dubai.

Musandam is a popular weekend or holiday getaway:

Musandam is an excellent choice for your next trip if you are looking for a unique and fun getaway. The area offers plenty to do and see, from scuba diving and snorkeling to mountain safaris. In addition to being a beautiful location, Musandam is relatively affordable for its quality of accommodations.

It has pristine beaches:

Musandam is home to pristine beaches surrounded by mountains and cliffs. These beaches are the perfect place to relax, swim, and snorkel. Musandam also has several scuba diving centers. Tourists can also take a banana boat ride to see the islands and the dolphins. The ride is safe and exciting and provides breathtaking sea views.

It has a rich collection of petroglyphs:

The region of Musandam has a rich collection of ancient petroglyphs, which are simple images carved into the rocks by ancient people. Most of these rock carvings are reminiscent of human beings, while others represent animals or abstract symbols. You can view these petroglyphs in KhorQida, a village near Khasab.

It is impossible to access in a 2WD:

The Musandam Mountains can be reached only by 4WD, but the main mountain road only goes as far as Dibba. Other off-road areas in Musandam include the WadiBih area, open only to Omani nationals. Another great area to explore off-road is the Harf Plateau.

It is a place to get lost:

Musandam is a great destination if you have a penchant for secluded and isolated areas. This long finger of the Arabian Peninsula on the border of Iran is inhabited by a people known for their hostility towards visitors. In the past, the people of Musandam were isolated from the rest of southern Arabia due to their reputation for being dangerous for visitors. Although these people no longer kill visitors, they aren’t welcoming foreigners.