Advantages & Disadvantages of VAT Registration

If your company is registered in Value-Added Tax, then you may reap the following benefits.

  • Value-Added Tax Repay. The registration for Value-Added Tax makes a company qualified for Value-Added Tax repay which it can declare opposed to the taxes reimbursed in the European countries if the company has bought goods from them.
  • Reinforcement. The company can simply set-off the variability of the Value-Added Tax that has been provided to the supplier and therefore the Value-Added Tax that the corporate received from the purchasers. Value-Added Tax for a good has got to be paid to the government one time. So, if the corporate has already paid Value-Added Tax then it can subtract it from what the purchasers gave to the corporate.
  • Lawfully Protected. If the company is registered for Value-Added Tax then there will be accuracy related to the company and the business tycoons would not have any issue taking their business. They would know that they are lawfully protected.
  • Position of the Value-Added Tax. When a firm has finished the registration of Value-Added Tax, it is easy for the firm to check their position of Value-Added Tax online. They can check their status by using the number of Value-Added Tax which has been assigned to the company. The benefit that the firm gets is that there is no botheration in rummaging all the documents and delivery of the firm to test when Value-Added Tax was paid last time.
  • Increase in Business. Registration of Value-Added Tax illustrates the firm to be more settled and bigger and therefore it is easy to bid more businessperson and this results in the increase of the business of your firm.
  • A Good Name of the Firm. When the income of the business is around or more than 50 lakhs, the registration for Value-Added Tax is made compulsory and this gives a good name to the firm and it also helps in describing the appearance of the firm as a settle firm.

Disadvantages of Value-Added Tax Registration

  • Value-Added Tax Returns. The biggest disadvantage of Value-Added Tax registration is that you have to submit Value-Added Tax return on time.
  • Paperwork. If your firm is registered for Value-Added Tax, you will have to do a lot of paperwork. The firm has to keep the records of all the invoices, deliveries and maintain the records of the accounts.
  • Expensive. Value-Added Tax mostly relies on the complete billing network, therefore, it could be expensive.
  • Tough. Value-Added Tax has to be calculated at almost each step which is very tough. Hence, Value-Added Tax is hard to understand.

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