What Are Ingredients Used In Baby Shower Gel? 

The baby shower gel is a soap-free and pH 5.5 formula that promotes healthy skin acid balance and soothes sensitive skin. Its gentle cleansing formula contains herbal extracts, moisturizing agents and an extra-soft surfactant complex. It is safe and ideal for babies and young children. It is suitable for the entire age range, from 0 to 12 years old. However, before buying baby shower gel in UAE, it is important to know the present ingredients. Listed below are some common ingredients: 


Preservatives are chemicals that prevent the growth of bacteria and mold in products. They also help to extend their shelf life. Generally, preservatives are recommended for baby shower gels, lotions and soaps that come into contact with water. However, if you are not buying these products for a baby, you should choose one without them.


Fragrances used in baby shower gel can be very helpful to the mom-to-be and the new baby. A pleasant fragrance can boost oxytocin levels in the brain, a hormone that promotes loving feelings. 


PEGs are a class of polymer commonly found in personal care and cosmetic products. They are compounds of ethylene glycol and propylene oxide. They are soluble in water and are used as vehicles for other ingredients. This makes them useful for cosmetics manufacturers because they help more water-soluble ingredients disperse and allow them to use active ingredients in water-based products. They also act as moisturizers and plasticizers, which give products a silky feel.

Benzyl alcohol:

You might be wondering if benzyl alcohol is safe for your baby. This ingredient is not dangerous to adults, but it can be harmful to an unborn child. If you are pregnant, talk to your healthcare provider before you use a benzyl alcohol baby shower gel. It may also harm a nursing baby, as it can pass into breast milk. If you’re considering using this ingredient, make sure you close your eyes before you apply it.

If you are planning on purchasing baby shower gel, you’ll want to read the ingredients label carefully. Many ingredients are highly toxic and may have adverse effects on your child. While some manufacturers are taking notice and phasing out ingredients, many are not transparent about their ingredients. 

Toxic ingredients:

The baby shower gel you’re using for your baby may contain toxins. Thankfully, there are safer alternatives. But before you buy your new shower gel, read the label. Many of the ingredients are harmful and have been linked to allergies and health concerns.