Chiropractors And The Different Treatments Offered By Them

chiropractor in Dubai uses a variety of different techniques to help a patient achieve a healthy lifestyle. These techniques include neck manipulation, spinal traction, and ergonomics. By examining the body as a whole, a chiropractor can treat a patient’s entire condition. This is beneficial for a variety of reasons.

Chiropractic treatment:

A chiropractor can offer a wide range of services to help relieve back and neck pain. Aside from manual manipulation, chiropractors may offer nutritional counseling, exercise/rehabilitation, and injury prevention. In addition to back pain relief, chiropractic care is an effective treatment for acute low back pain. It can last up to six weeks and is considered a safe and effective way to treat the problem.

Neck manipulation:

Neck manipulation treatments offered by chiropractors can be harmful to the neck, spine, and arteries. They may also cause a stroke. Studies have shown that patients may suffer a stroke from high-velocity neck manipulation.

Spinal traction:

Spinal traction treatments are a safe and effective alternative to surgery for several conditions. They work by creating negative intradiscal pressure, which promotes proper disc positioning. This allows healing nutrients and other essential substances to reach the affected discs. They can also help relieve pain and increase the body’s range of motion.


Ergonomics is the study of how human beings use tools at home and work. By designing tools to maximize comfort and reduce muscle fatigue, ergonomics improve productivity and prevent workplace injuries. Every year, workplace injuries cost employers billions of dollars. Common injuries include headaches, low-back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Pelvic stabilization:

A chiropractor is a trained professional who can help patients with pelvic issues. They offer treatment that involves the custom orthotic support of the pelvic region, reducing the abnormal forces and enhancing structural relationships. A proper pelvic and spinal alignment improves the efficiency of all the muscles and joints in the body. The body is a biomechanical kinetic chain, so abnormal movements in one joint may inhibit proper movement in other joints.


Chiropractors with expertise in ultrasound therapy have several ways to treat the various ailments that affect the body. They can use therapeutic ultrasound to increase blood flow in the affected area, reduce inflammation, and improve the range of motion. These treatments can also be used to help patients with arthritis and other conditions that affect the back. The deep-penetration heat that ultrasound produces encourages the body to heal itself, which in turn helps decrease pain and increase mobility.